GWADW 2022
23 May - 27 May, 2022
(Payment page)

The registration fee for the remote participation is 2800 JPY (ca 23 USD). This is mainly the fee to use GatherTown. Deadline of the registration/payment is May 15, 2022.

Proceed to fill in your credit card information.

Create your payment ID and type it below (letters and numbers only; no space, symbols, accents, hyphens, etc.).
You will be asked to fill in your payment ID at the registration. The ID must be different from other participants, or you will encounter an error in the next page (use the backward button of your browser to come back to this page).
Ex.) alberteinstein1879

You will be forwarded to the webpage operated by PAYGENT, the accounting company we use to collect the registration fee for GWADW2022. Please email us if you encounter any trouble.

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